Bronchial asthma is chronic inflammatory disease of upper respiratory tract, primarily of bronchi, in which patient occasionally has suffocation attacks. There are different myths and facts about asthma, about which you may read here — But first of all it is necessary to determine asthma types.

Asthma Types

There are three main asthma types. They are:

  1. atopic;
  2. infectious-allergic asthma;
  3. medicinal asthma.

Atopic Asthma

Atopic asthma is caused by body’s reaction to allergens as my canadian pharmacy online points out, most often through inhalation, that is, those that people inhale. They are:

  • dust mite;
  • pollen;
  • spores of mold fungi;
  • animal hair.Asthma Types

A little less often asthma can cause food allergens.

When they enter body, allergic reaction is triggered, which manifests itself by narrowing bronchial lumen and producing thick mucus in them, which makes breathing more difficult. If contact with allergen does not occur, person feels well.

Often such type of asthma is combined with other allergic manifestations, for example, with rhinitis or dermatitis. This form is common in young children.

Infectious-allergic Asthma

Infectious-allergic asthma develops on the background of chronic infection in respiratory tract. It can be bronchitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis which are not fully treated. Constant inflammation, presence in body of foreign bacteria and products of their vital activity leads to changes in bronchi. They become more sensitive to all kinds of irritants, local immunity is violated. As a result, it leads to asthmatic attacks. This type of asthma is rarely seen in children, mainly it occurs in people 35-40 years and older.

Medicinal Asthma

Medicinal asthma is the result of certain medications use. It is associated with individual reaction to particular drug (or its component). These drugs are primarily aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, so this type of asthma is often called aspirin.

The main manifestation of asthma — suffocation attacks — it is impossible not to notice. However, there is atypical variant of asthma, it is called cough. Strong breathing difficulties are not observed, but there is dry obsessive cough.

Such type of asthma is often confused with bronchitis, but it should be treated in different way. Therefore, do not put on experiments — consult a doctor and take a survey.

To identify asthma, in addition to usual breathing examination with stethoscope, number of studies are required. These are:

  • measurement of expiratory flow rate;
  • vital capacity of lungs;
  • chest X-ray.


Bronchial asthma is disease that is really controlled. To do this, you need to have at hand my canadian pharmacy inhaler, which is used for attacks, and carry out treatment in quiet periods, when there are no symptoms. Such therapy is aimed at eliminating inflammation in respiratory tract. For it, hormones glucocorticosteroids are used in form of aerosol inhalers.

It is also important to identify root cause of seizures and, if possible, to eliminate it:

  • avoid contact with allergens;
  • treat infection of respiratory tract;
  • adjust treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Every patient with bronchial asthma should have device for self-monitoring — peakflowmeter. It is small tube with scale that shows exhalation rate in liters per minute. The indicators of peakflowmeter change before health state worsens. Therefore, it is possible to take timely measures, adjust treatment and prevent an attack.


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