In life of every woman there comes a time when she faces menopause — process of extinction of child-bearing function. Changes do not occur in one day. The process can last for 1 — 3 years. For this reason, many people think: is it possible to become pregnant after menopause?

Menopause and Hormones

The processes occurring in the body are interrelated. Menopause is affected by endocrine system. On its work depends success of conception. Progesterone and estrogen, which this system produces, contribute to formation of the egg. Under the influence of hormones, there are changes in mammary glands that make them suitable for feeding the baby, and in the womb there appear favorable conditions for attaching the fetal egg.

With age, ovaries begin to react less to effects of hormones. Because of this, maturation of the egg begins to occur not regularly. Menstrual cycle disrupts or disappears, which indicates onset of menopauseFaced with transition period, a woman should remember that possibility of getting pregnant after menopause remains. Menopause has negative impact on health of women. Walls of vessels become less elastic. This can adversely affect successful outcome of pregnancy.

How does Pregnancy Affect Menopause?

Being pregnant after menopause, a woman should remember that:

  • the process of gestation and childbirth smooths course of menopause;
  • there may be problems with teeth, bone system, overall health. There is an opinion that late birth can prolong woman’s youth. This judgment is erroneous. After birth of child, mother’s health can seriously deteriorate. This appears due to lack of vitamins;
  • work of kidneys may be disturbed and pelvic lowering may occur;
  • onset of pregnancy does not stop processes that occur during menopause.

Pregnancy after menopause should proceed under close supervision of specialists.

Is Conception during Menopause Justified?

Realizing that it is possible to become pregnant after menopause, a woman should consult a specialist before deciding on this step. Opinion of doctors about the question — Is pregnancy safe after menopause for health of the mother and child? — vary. Decision about conception should be taken individually in each specific case. In this case, we should not forget:

  • risk of a sick child’s birth increases significantly with age. To protect yourself, it is necessary to conduct genetic tests that allow to obtain information about state of health of the future baby;
  • during pregnancy and childbirth there can be complications. To protect herself a woman must be constantly monitored by a competent doctor.

Decision to get pregnant after menopause should be considered by a woman. She must understand that she can face unforeseen complications. Before planning conception, you should obligatory consult a specialist. The doctor can predict possible complications in advance.

Only fully healthy future mothers can bear a child during period of onset of cessation of reproductive function. If a woman has a disease, she should refuse birth of a baby during menopause. Read here how to prevent pregnancy —


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