My Canadian Pharmacy: Antiviral Agents

Canadian Pharmacy antiviral agents are increasingly prescribed by doctors under certain conditions and are used in home practice for self-treatment by people. What kind of preparations are these, are they effective and harmless, whether or not to use them? Maybe it is better to return to traditional home remedies – garlic, onions, lemon, milk and honey? After all, they are long used to effectively treat «colds», infectious and viral diseases, accompanied by decrease in immunity?

Mechanism of Antivirals Action

Antiviral drugs are isolated from anti-infective medicines in a separate group. This is done due to the fact that no other antibacterial agents (including known antibiotics) are able to provide effective influence on virus growth. This invulnerability of viruses is connected to their small and special structure. For instance, try to compare, say, size of our planet and apple. So, planet in our example is a medium-sized germ, and apple – a virus.

canadian pharmacy antivirals

Viruses consist of nucleic acids – sources of information for self-reproduction, and surrounding them capsules. In the body of «master» they can, under favorable conditions, multiply very quickly, including by means of «embedding» of their information in patient’s body cells, which themselves begin to recreate these pathogenic form. Traditional defenses of human immunity (blood cells) are often powerless before them. According to My Canadian Pharmacy data, the number of pathogenic viruses found is more than 500.

The first drug with antiviral properties was obtained in far 1946, it was named thiosemicarbazone. As main component, it was a part of Faringosept, and for many years has been used in clinical medicine to fight inflammatory diseases of throat. Then idoxuridine was created, which is used against herpes virus.

Note: break trough in virology was finding of human interferon – protein that suppresses vital activity of viruses.

Since beginning of 80s of the last century active work on creation of drugs that stimulate ability of interferon synthesis began. Scientific work continues in our time. Unfortunately, antiviral drugs cost is quite high. Alas, on pharmaceutical market today, there is a large number of fakes – drugs that do not have protective or stimulating properties, in fact, «dummy pills».

Types of Antivirals

All available antiviral drugs can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. immunostimulants – drugs that can for a short time dramatically increase production of interferons.
  2. antivirals – medicines that have direct inhibitory effect on virus and block its reproduction.

According to action on different types of viruses there distinguish:

  • antiviral drugs with effect on influenza viruses;
  • drugs against herpes virus;
  • agents that inhibit activity of retroviruses;
  • anti-cytomegalovirals.

Note: You can individually select a group of drugs for HIV treatment (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).