Main Principles of Healthy Diet Offered by Canadian Health and Care Mall

Main Principles of Healthy Diet Offered by Canadian Health and Care Mall

There are special principles of how to keep a healthy diet provided by Canadian Health and Care Mall online pharmacy:

  • eat when start to feel hungry;
  • chew properly;
  • eat small portions;
  • eat peacefully;
  • concentrate while eating on process;
  • eat in sitting position;
  • limit menu of one reception to 4 dishes maximum;
  • divide your daily ration into 4-5 small meals instead of 2-3 large meals;
  • actively move throughout the day;
  • do not wash down food or drink directly after eating;
  • the main volume of food eaten — at dinner;
  • eat freshly prepared food;
  • eat natural food;
  • do not use (or minimize the use) of harmful products (mayonnaise, ketchup, fast food, alcohol, etc.);
  • eat more fiber — fruits and vegetables in fresh

How to Start Keeping Healthy Lifestyle

There are no special secrets in how to start keeping proper nutrition. And most importantly — healthy food does not require additional financial expenses, beyond the family budget. Healthy food products should not be too expensive — enough that they will be natural and fresh. The whole nuance of how these products will be cooked and consumed.

To begin with, prolonged thermal treatment always «kills» lion’s share of benefits in any food product. Therefore, it should be minimal. Do not forget that fried food, firstly, is not very useful for stomach, and secondly, it is harmful because of contact with fats in which it was prepared — even fresh fat «for one frying» is harmful, and when used repeatedly «gives» carcinogens! One of the best cooking methods for today is a steamer.

Obligatory in proper nutrition are foods that represent all food groups (from greens and fruits to beans and oils). The percentage of them can be determined by your taste preferences and characteristics of family members organisms, but diversity and coverage of the entire spectrum is a requirement that is indispensable for the full human body provision with vitamins.

Regularity and accuracy in time in meals is a pledge of a clear «work» not only of the digestive tract, but of the whole body system. Nutrition by the hour, ultimately, regulates sleep, nervous system, normalizes blood vessels and pressure state.

Minimum salt, sugar restriction, control of buns and cakes, replacement of effervescent drinks with herbal tea or compotes — it’s easier to get used to all this than you think. For 21 days human body is completely reconstructed, including in terms of taste preferences. You may also get to know about how sport may help you keep a healthy lifestyle on Canadian Health and Care Mall —

Snacks in proper nutrition will also undergo a change.

First, it is better to forget about the frequent use of:

  • buns;
  • cakes;
  • sweet products.

According to proper nutrition, breakfast should be better served with cereal, banana, kefir, etc., and put the bun and cake aside. In addition, during the day everyone likes to «drag» the biscuits and sweets around the office, which also leads to the use of extra calories, which eventually accumulate in such quantities that they are not burned easily. Nobody says that you need to completely limit yourself from eating «yummies,» but you need to learn how to control them and allow them strictly before lunch.


Diagnosis – «High Cholesterol»

High cholesterol clogs blood vessels and is able to cause heart attack or blood stroke. So the sooner you will know how to control level of this substance, the better.

Why cardiologists recommend to all without exception to monitor cholesterol level? Man is mortal and, as Woland said, sometimes he is suddenly mortal. The leadership among diseases in «death» discipline is held by cardiovascular diseases and the most powerful of them – myocardial infarction. If you do not know mechanics of the latter, My Canadian Pharmacy informs: due to cholesterol plaques, lumen of blood vessels, that feed heart, narrows – and there blood clot easily «settles» which stops blood flow to myocardium (heart muscle). The larger volume remained without nutrition, the less chance of survival there are.

cholesterol level and how to control it

And now about the good. About cholesterol. After all, in this world there is almost no pure «evil». The subject of our conversation by nature intended to be a building material of our organism. Cell membranes in the body are made of cholesterol, it is the basis of almost all hormones. So it is important to us and helpful – as long as its content in the body is balanced. But in some cases, this substance becomes a murderer, so let’s find out how to «disarm» it.

Bad and Good Cholesterol

Not so much quantity of the substance in the blood is important as ratio of its «good» and «bad» emanations. «Bad» cholesterol is called substance of low and very low density. If you undergone biochemical analysis of blood, in the form with results it will be referred to as acronym VLDL and LDL (very low-density lipoprotein and low-density lipoprotein). These 2 types of cholesterol can be deposited on walls of arteries.

«Good» is their opponent. Its task is to collect excess bad cholesterol in the body, and send it to liver for re-melting. In analyzes it is referred to as HDL (high density lipoprotein).

The conclusion is clear: the more «good» in blood, the purer vessels are and longer life is. Doctors called excess HDL «longevity syndrome». This happens, for example, with mountain peoples of Caucasus: simply because of their hereditary liver produces so much high-density lipoprotein that they die in their old age and almost healthy.

Causes of High Cholesterol

Perhaps you’ve heard that we should eat properly to maintain balance of cholesterol in blood: less animal fat, no fat and butter, more plant food – and the trick is done. In fact, 80% of material produced in liver and only 20% comes from food.

Synthesis of cholesterol in liver is affected by many factors, as My Canadian Pharmacy experts say. First of all – health of the body, plus hereditary factor, stress and human ability to cope with it, thyroid condition.

If you drink, smoke, breathe impure air of cities (destroying liver) plus working hard – then even if heredity is perfect excess «bad» cholesterol can be observed in blood. Conversely, at healthy eating, sports achievements and staying in Bali, bad genetics can ruin the whole picture.

What to Do with Cholesterol

Cholesterol does not need to be treated with medications, and even more so surgically, if it narrows vessel lumen by less than 60%. In this case, the main task is to prevent spread. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Fatty, salty, sweet foods, fried potatoes with bacon – all terribly unhealthy is banned. Especially important to limit fats of animal origin.
  • Do not fall into fanaticism: completely fat-free products are not less evil for metabolism than pure fat.
  • Do not believe those who say that you should eliminate from your life meat to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Fish for help! It is this product that gives us wonderful opportunity to raise level of «good» cholesterol in blood.
  • It is believed that in fight against cholesterol – seafood is useful. As it turns out, not all seafood: loricates – prohibited, shelly – allowed.
  • Go in for sports.
  • For the sake of liver health, of course, you should not drink and smoke.

Serious Treatment

If plaques cover vessels by 60% or more, it is time to reflect on serious treatment. To date, there are 2 main methods: drugs for cholesterol (statins) and stenting.

Statins reduce production of «bad» cholesterol in liver, which allows to stop formation of plaques and seal them, improving blood flow.

cholesterol control with My Canadian Pharmacy

Stenting is a surgical manipulation. A stent is a plastic tube with metal frame, which is installed in a vessel. This is done in a tricky way: through a puncture in femoral artery. From there, folded stent is inserted into small balloon, «pushed» to any trouble area. On the spot in blocked artery, the balloon is inflated, stent is inserted into it straightens and flattens cholesterol plaques. Since then, patient lives with a kind of prosthesis, to prop up vascular wall. More recently there were invented stents that dissolve over time.

Naturally, any statin or stenting alone are not prescribed independently: such treatment is preceded by a variety of medical examinations and detailed analysis of situation.