Pregnancy after Menopause

Pregnancy after Menopause

In life of every woman there comes a time when she faces menopause — process of extinction of child-bearing function. Changes do not occur in one day. The process can last for 1 — 3 years. For this reason, many people think: is it possible to become pregnant after menopause?

Menopause and Hormones

The processes occurring in the body are interrelated. Menopause is affected by endocrine system. On its work depends success of conception. Progesterone and estrogen, which this system produces, contribute to formation of the egg. Under the influence of hormones, there are changes in mammary glands that make them suitable for feeding the baby, and in the womb there appear favorable conditions for attaching the fetal egg.

With age, ovaries begin to react less to effects of hormones. Because of this, maturation of the egg begins to occur not regularly. Menstrual cycle disrupts or disappears, which indicates onset of menopauseFaced with transition period, a woman should remember that possibility of getting pregnant after menopause remains. Menopause has negative impact on health of women. Walls of vessels become less elastic. This can adversely affect successful outcome of pregnancy.

How does Pregnancy Affect Menopause?

Being pregnant after menopause, a woman should remember that:

  • the process of gestation and childbirth smooths course of menopause;
  • there may be problems with teeth, bone system, overall health. There is an opinion that late birth can prolong woman’s youth. This judgment is erroneous. After birth of child, mother’s health can seriously deteriorate. This appears due to lack of vitamins;
  • work of kidneys may be disturbed and pelvic lowering may occur;
  • onset of pregnancy does not stop processes that occur during menopause.

Pregnancy after menopause should proceed under close supervision of specialists.

Is Conception during Menopause Justified?

Realizing that it is possible to become pregnant after menopause, a woman should consult a specialist before deciding on this step. Opinion of doctors about the question — Is pregnancy safe after menopause for health of the mother and child? — vary. Decision about conception should be taken individually in each specific case. In this case, we should not forget:

  • risk of a sick child’s birth increases significantly with age. To protect yourself, it is necessary to conduct genetic tests that allow to obtain information about state of health of the future baby;
  • during pregnancy and childbirth there can be complications. To protect herself a woman must be constantly monitored by a competent doctor.

Decision to get pregnant after menopause should be considered by a woman. She must understand that she can face unforeseen complications. Before planning conception, you should obligatory consult a specialist. The doctor can predict possible complications in advance.

Only fully healthy future mothers can bear a child during period of onset of cessation of reproductive function. If a woman has a disease, she should refuse birth of a baby during menopause. Read here how to prevent pregnancy —

Main Principles of Healthy Diet Offered by Canadian Health and Care Mall

Main Principles of Healthy Diet Offered by Canadian Health and Care Mall

There are special principles of how to keep a healthy diet provided by Canadian Health and Care Mall online pharmacy:

  • eat when start to feel hungry;
  • chew properly;
  • eat small portions;
  • eat peacefully;
  • concentrate while eating on process;
  • eat in sitting position;
  • limit menu of one reception to 4 dishes maximum;
  • divide your daily ration into 4-5 small meals instead of 2-3 large meals;
  • actively move throughout the day;
  • do not wash down food or drink directly after eating;
  • the main volume of food eaten — at dinner;
  • eat freshly prepared food;
  • eat natural food;
  • do not use (or minimize the use) of harmful products (mayonnaise, ketchup, fast food, alcohol, etc.);
  • eat more fiber — fruits and vegetables in fresh

How to Start Keeping Healthy Lifestyle

There are no special secrets in how to start keeping proper nutrition. And most importantly — healthy food does not require additional financial expenses, beyond the family budget. Healthy food products should not be too expensive — enough that they will be natural and fresh. The whole nuance of how these products will be cooked and consumed.

To begin with, prolonged thermal treatment always «kills» lion’s share of benefits in any food product. Therefore, it should be minimal. Do not forget that fried food, firstly, is not very useful for stomach, and secondly, it is harmful because of contact with fats in which it was prepared — even fresh fat «for one frying» is harmful, and when used repeatedly «gives» carcinogens! One of the best cooking methods for today is a steamer.

Obligatory in proper nutrition are foods that represent all food groups (from greens and fruits to beans and oils). The percentage of them can be determined by your taste preferences and characteristics of family members organisms, but diversity and coverage of the entire spectrum is a requirement that is indispensable for the full human body provision with vitamins.

Regularity and accuracy in time in meals is a pledge of a clear «work» not only of the digestive tract, but of the whole body system. Nutrition by the hour, ultimately, regulates sleep, nervous system, normalizes blood vessels and pressure state.

Minimum salt, sugar restriction, control of buns and cakes, replacement of effervescent drinks with herbal tea or compotes — it’s easier to get used to all this than you think. For 21 days human body is completely reconstructed, including in terms of taste preferences. You may also get to know about how sport may help you keep a healthy lifestyle on Canadian Health and Care Mall —

Snacks in proper nutrition will also undergo a change.

First, it is better to forget about the frequent use of:

  • buns;
  • cakes;
  • sweet products.

According to proper nutrition, breakfast should be better served with cereal, banana, kefir, etc., and put the bun and cake aside. In addition, during the day everyone likes to «drag» the biscuits and sweets around the office, which also leads to the use of extra calories, which eventually accumulate in such quantities that they are not burned easily. Nobody says that you need to completely limit yourself from eating «yummies,» but you need to learn how to control them and allow them strictly before lunch.

Antibiotics during Pregnancy

Antibiotics during Pregnancy

In the list of antibiotics there are many drugs that are allowed to take during pregnancy, their safety for the baby is proven. Antibiotics fight only with bacteria, they do not work for viruses and other pathogens, so there is no point in taking them for colds or flu.

Use of antibiotics is necessary in all cases of acute bacterial infections. But they can not be used without doctor’s prescription. Only a specialist can prescribe you the drug and its dosage that will work for you. Read article about how to apply antibiotics properly here —

Most antibiotics that are approved for use by pregnant women for the most common diseases are safe for the baby. But the risk associated with the disease is much higher if it is not treated. Therefore, do not refuse taking these drugs.

Influence of Antibiotics on the Fetus

antibiotics during pregnancy

If antibiotic (like any other medicine) is not properly prescribed, it can interfere with safe development of the embryo. Particularly undesirable is their use in the first trimester, as baby’s organs are only being formed, and any toxin (including antibiotic) can stop or disrupt this process.

All side effects of these drugs are well known to your doctor. If the medicine is prescribed correctly, risk of complications is minimal, and in any case, it will be much lower than risk of worsening of the disease that you want to cure.

Allowed Antibiotics for Pregnancy

  • Penicillin group: amoxicillin, ampicillin, oxamp, amoxiclav, etc. (injections and tablets). Do not have harmful effect on the child and do not slow down its development.
  • Cephalosporins: cefazolin, ceftriaxone, cefepime (injections), suprax (tablets), etc. Do not affect condition and development of the child, although they penetrate the placenta.
  • Erythromycin, vilprafen, rovamycin (tablets) belong to the same group. Permissible for use during pregnancy. Do not disrupt development of the child.
  • Sumamed, zitrolide, zi-factor (tablets) — different names of the same substance. Used only in case of emergency, when other antibiotics do not work.
  • Furadonin (tablets) — often used for treatment of cystitis. Only allowed in the second trimester.
  • Metronidazole, trichopolum, flagyl (tablets) — often used to treat genitourinary infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Strictly forbidden for admission in the first trimester, as it is proved that the drug can cause developmental disorders in fetus.
  • Gentamicin (injections) — used only in case of life threat, for example, at sepsis. Requires strict dose calculation, since it can cause deafness in child.

Prohibited Antibiotics for Pregnancy

  • Tetracycline, doxycycline: poisonous to liver of the child, accumulate in bones.
  • Ciprofloxacin, nolycin, ciprolet: damage joints of the child at any period.
  • Furagin, furamag, ersefuril: have a potentially harmful effect on the child.
  • Levomycetin (also included in synthomycin ointment, levomecol and sprays from burns): affects fetal bone marrow, disrupts formation of blood.
  • Dioxydin: as experiments on animals have shown, causes various mutations and deviations in development of the child.
  • Biseptol: very dangerous, slows down growth and development of the child, increases risk of congenital anomalies.

Online Pharmacy: General Information

Online Pharmacy: General Information

In the modern world, innovation is driving, and medicine is no exception. Earlier, when being sick, people had to go to the drugstore for medications, fighting disease, or to strain relatives with these problems. Now everything is solved simply, everyone has an access to the Internet and a computer, and can easily visit pharmacy online and order medications via My Canadian Pharmacy —

It is very convenient function for those who have small children and there is no possibility to go to local pharmacy. Convenience is that in online pharmacies you can often buy drugs that are available in a small quantities in local pharmacy that is not enough for everyone, or there is no such drug at all. In addition, online pharmacies prices for drugs are usually lower, which is very profitable. If you have any questions, find the answer on FAQs page — Pharmacy-General Information

In Which Online Pharmacy to Buy Medications?

But how can someone be sure that you will get really a medication that will help, and not «chalk in a beautiful package»? Even in conventional pharmacies that do not complain about the lack of attention of controlling bodies, you may find counterfeits. What, then, to talk about online sales … Therefore, buy medicines only in proven pharmacies such as My Canadian Pharmacy.

  • First, pay attention to the license. Its availability in any pharmacy, including selling products via the Internet, is mandatory.
  • Pharmacies that sell online drugs must also have a pharmacy where the medication is sold in ordinary way, or a storage room that meets all the requirements.
  • It is very important how the drug website describes a particular medicine. Drug description should be complete, starting with the composition, ending with a complete instruction for use, indicating contraindications and expiration date.

Confidence that you will be sold exactly a medication, not a fake, will add if you call the phone written on the site. If an expert answers you and consults you correctly, it will help you to determine which drug will suit you best and answer all your questions, one can hope that this drugstore is legal and the medicines in it are of high quality.

How to Buy Medications Online

Remember, expensive things do not mean that medication really helps you. Now almost all known drugs have many analogues, the price of which is much more affordable, and the efficiency is not lower.

Regardless of pharmacy you are going to buy medicine, do not self-medicate, consult a doctor, take a prescription from him.

When buying a drug online, after the order is issued, you must receive a notification by means of phone or e-mail. And, as a rule, after that an operator is contacted with you to confirm the name of the goods and specify the method of delivery.

Be sure to check the prices of medicines in your account after placing your order. It often happens that drug price is one, but at the time of buy-out is higher. Specify the amount of the order from the operator, so that there are no surprises. Be healthy, do not be ill!

Antibiotics: Harm or Benefit

Antibiotics: Harm or Benefit

Antibiotics are medicines that are capable of destroying various kinds of microbes (bactericidal antibiotics) or stopping their multiplication (bacteriostatic antibiotics) in the human body.

After antibiotics discovery, doctors were able to treat many previously considered fatal infections. The minimal dose of simple penicillin during the day relieved the temperature and returned the patient to life. However, after a while drugs dose increased many times, and their effect was significantly reduced.

My Canadian Pharmacy points out that microbes are able to develop resistance to treatment (antibiotic resistance) with frequent contact with the drug. Since then, chemists and pharmacists have been constantly synthesizing new forms of antibiotics, seeking to be half a step ahead of the causative agents of infectious diseases. In the arsenal of doctors there are:

  • antibiotics with a selective effect on certain strains of microbes;
  • drugs that can accumulate in certain organs and environments of the body and there develop the greatest effect;
  • means of short and prolonged action;
  • medicines of local and general action.

Antibiotics-HARM or BENEFIT

As in earlier times, antibiotics remain an accurate weapon against infections in skillful hands. However, when used inappropriately, they can cause harm to health, as they have a number of side effects.

When to Take Antibiotics — My Canadian Pharmacy Online Answer

In most cases, the doctor must decide whether to apply antibiotics or not. An exception is the situation when a person is away from civilization and medical assistance is not available. However, in this case it is a therapy of despair, and one must be prepared for mistakes and complications.

Antibiotics are prescribed:

  • in case of bacterial diseases development requiring etiotropic therapy. That is, in those cases when the body itself is not able to cope with a bacterial infection. For example, with typical pneumonia, angina, cystitis, pyelonephritis, mastitis, purulent skin diseases.
  • For the prevention of bacterial infections in rare cases: after surgical interventions, injuries, complicated labor, with viral diseases in weakened patients, with chemotherapy in oncological patients, etc.
  • The effectiveness of antibiotic treatment depends first of all on choice correctness of the drug and its dose.

Reasons for therapy selection:

  1. the assumption of the most likely causative agent of the disease. Treatment should be appointed from the first days, so the doctor must approach the selection of therapy based on statistical knowledge about the most likely disease’s cause. Usually, only after a week or more it is possible to accurately determine the nature of the pathogen and its sensitivity to antimicrobial agents.
  2. localization of the pathological focus of the disease (upper respiratory tract, urinary system, gastrointestinal tract, skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, brain, etc.).
  3. information on previously used antibiotics and individual tolerability.
  4. in addition, for calculating the dose, disease’s severity, patient’s weight and age must be taken into account.

The second factor in the effectiveness of therapy is the exact adherence to the rules and the regimen for taking antibiotics by the patient.

When you do not Need to Take Antibiotics

It is not recommended to take antibiotics without a doctor’s appointment in case of:

  • virus diseases (ARVI, ARI and influenza): they do not have an effect on viral agents;
  • with intestinal disorders: in most cases it is not necessary;
  • from temperature: antibiotics do not possess anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect;
  • when you smoke: read more about how smoking influence antibiotics effects —;
  • during pregnancy and lactation: many drugs are toxic during this period.

10 Interesting Facts about Viagra

10 Interesting Facts about Viagra

There are a lot of rumors about Viagra, and legends about its unique action on men are made up. Some of them are true, but others are not. My Canadian Pharmacy brings to your attention interesting facts about the drug.

facts about viagra

  1. Appearance of Viagra was an accident. Pharmaceutical company tested a new medicine against cardiovascular diseases, but after completion of the study, many men refused to return Sildenafil (active substance of Viagra). As it turned out it did not help against heart diseases, but could return erection.
  2. Inventors of Viagra were awarded a Nobel Prize for it.
  3. At high altitude (over 2500 m), some climbers develop pulmonary edema. Viagra can help to prevent it.
  4. Some athletes use Viagra to achieve better results. The drug increases blood flow, which contributes to blood supply to muscles. The World Anti-Doping Agency plans to put Viagra on the list of banned drugs.
  5. Viagra helps those who have supercooled. At frostbite, fingers and toes and limbs themselves turn pale. By taking the drug, you can maintain normal blood supply in these parts of the body.
  6. Recovery after blood stroke can be accelerated by taking Sildenafil. The drug improves speech, neurological functions. It restores motor activity and participates in creation of new brain cells.
  7. Perhaps in future, Viagra will help those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. In the meantime, research on its ability to improve memory are continued.
  8. People suffering from type 2 diabetes may also be prescribed Sildenafil. My canadian pharmacy com studies — — have shown that it can help control glucose levels and reduce risks associated with cardiovascular system.
  9. As it turned out, Viagra helps to cope with erectile dysfunction not only men, but also representatives of animal world. Chinese scientists have long been concerned about the threat of disappearance of pandas. In the wild they are exterminated, and in the zoo animals refuse to reproduce. But not those who take Viagra. Panda, that took Sildenafil, is more inclined to have sexual relations with partner and in Wolong Zoo for several years population of animals has only increased.
  10. Scientists from Argentina were awarded an Ig Nobel Prize, which proved that Viagra is capable of helping hamsters to overcome discomfort due to jet lag. It is unknown in what situations hamsters can use the drug.

My Canadian Pharmacy: Asthma Types

My Canadian Pharmacy: Asthma Types

Bronchial asthma is chronic inflammatory disease of upper respiratory tract, primarily of bronchi, in which patient occasionally has suffocation attacks. There are different myths and facts about asthma, about which you may read here — But first of all it is necessary to determine asthma types.

Asthma Types

There are three main asthma types. They are:

  1. atopic;
  2. infectious-allergic asthma;
  3. medicinal asthma.

Atopic Asthma

Atopic asthma is caused by body’s reaction to allergens as my canadian pharmacy online points out, most often through inhalation, that is, those that people inhale. They are:

  • dust mite;
  • pollen;
  • spores of mold fungi;
  • animal hair.Asthma Types

A little less often asthma can cause food allergens.

When they enter body, allergic reaction is triggered, which manifests itself by narrowing bronchial lumen and producing thick mucus in them, which makes breathing more difficult. If contact with allergen does not occur, person feels well.

Often such type of asthma is combined with other allergic manifestations, for example, with rhinitis or dermatitis. This form is common in young children.

Infectious-allergic Asthma

Infectious-allergic asthma develops on the background of chronic infection in respiratory tract. It can be bronchitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis which are not fully treated. Constant inflammation, presence in body of foreign bacteria and products of their vital activity leads to changes in bronchi. They become more sensitive to all kinds of irritants, local immunity is violated. As a result, it leads to asthmatic attacks. This type of asthma is rarely seen in children, mainly it occurs in people 35-40 years and older.

Medicinal Asthma

Medicinal asthma is the result of certain medications use. It is associated with individual reaction to particular drug (or its component). These drugs are primarily aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, so this type of asthma is often called aspirin.

The main manifestation of asthma — suffocation attacks — it is impossible not to notice. However, there is atypical variant of asthma, it is called cough. Strong breathing difficulties are not observed, but there is dry obsessive cough.

Such type of asthma is often confused with bronchitis, but it should be treated in different way. Therefore, do not put on experiments — consult a doctor and take a survey.

To identify asthma, in addition to usual breathing examination with stethoscope, number of studies are required. These are:

  • measurement of expiratory flow rate;
  • vital capacity of lungs;
  • chest X-ray.


Bronchial asthma is disease that is really controlled. To do this, you need to have at hand my canadian pharmacy inhaler, which is used for attacks, and carry out treatment in quiet periods, when there are no symptoms. Such therapy is aimed at eliminating inflammation in respiratory tract. For it, hormones glucocorticosteroids are used in form of aerosol inhalers.

It is also important to identify root cause of seizures and, if possible, to eliminate it:

  • avoid contact with allergens;
  • treat infection of respiratory tract;
  • adjust treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Every patient with bronchial asthma should have device for self-monitoring — peakflowmeter. It is small tube with scale that shows exhalation rate in liters per minute. The indicators of peakflowmeter change before health state worsens. Therefore, it is possible to take timely measures, adjust treatment and prevent an attack.

Viagra: Myths and Facts

Viagra: Myths and Facts

Popularity of Viagra on My Canadian Pharmacy online today has reached unprecedented heights. Apparently, now it is one of the most famous medicines. About it even anecdotes are composed. But in fact, people know about properties of this medicine not everything. There are a lot of misconceptions about which you need to know in more detail.

Misconceptions about Viagra


Erectile dysfunction depends more on psychology and male expectations.

In Fact:

If it was only this, then it would be easier to get rid of erectile dysfunction: talk to a doctor and it’s done! But, unfortunately, at the heart of this disease there are physical deviations. For example, erectile dysfunction may occur if a person has diabetes, if he has high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Very great influence is performed also by nervous stresses. At first manifestations of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to abandon nicotine, alcohol, which adversely affect body and can aggravate any disease.


Why take Viagra, if violations of erectile function are rare enough?

In Fact:

If you think that rare deviations are not a problem at all, then you are wrong. Even if problems with erection are few, it is still a disadvantage. If you take practical side of the case, then 2 — 5 people out of 10, who have erectile dysfunction, really have problems with erection. Viagra has positive effect on general condition of the body and allows you to achieve strong effect, regardless of whether your problems are temporary or permanent. According to My Canadian Pharmacy statistics, 20 million men around the world tested effect of Viagra and noted its positive qualities in terms of impact on the body.


You should just accept deviations of erection and not try to correct them.

In Fact:

Do not put up with diseases that, with proper treatment, may disappear altogether. Do not deprive yourself of joys of life and all pleasures. Erectile dysfunction is a disease. Many diseases can be cured with proper medical approach. And if there is such an opportunity, then why not take advantage of it? Viagra will return any man to normal sexual life, give confidence in his abilities. Do not think that erectile dysfunction is a tribute to your age, and is inevitable.


Viagra helps only men with serious sexual problems.

In Fact:

No, not only them. Even if diseases are insignificant, Viagra will give wonderful healing effect. It should be used even if deviations in sexual life are very insignificant.


Viagra is not necessary for men who are constantly perform erection, but can not always maintain it.

In Fact:

On my canadian pharmacy com website — — there is an instruction that says, Viagra not only contributes to onset of erection, but also ensures its duration. And discomfort does not arise neither in the beginning, nor in the end of sexual intercourse.


Viagra is ineffective. When it is taken no effect is observed.

In Fact:

Viagra is a medicinal product. If you comply with all recommendations of doctor on its reception, effect will surely come. If effect does not come, there may be several reasons. Viagra is not a sexual agent. Its effect is manifested only when there is a reason for sexual excitement. If your partner does not cause you emotions, Viagra is unlikely to help to achieve the desired results. The reason for inefficiency may be a very small dose of the drug used. Further — Viagra is taken only before eating, in this case it is absorbed most qualitatively. If you have taken it, having already had a good dinner, its action will be slowed down, as process of assimilation by organism of the preparation will be inhibited. So, one tip: do as your doctor prescribed.


Erection instantly occurs when taking Viagra. What to do in this case?

In Fact:

This is really a myth, and very common. Viagra will not begin to act by itself, if there is no preliminary love affection. Only in presence of sexual excitement, action of the medicine manifests itself and erection occurs, caused by strong inflow of blood to penis. Erection in this case is real.


Viagra causes artificial relationship. The reason for pleasure is not affection to the object of passion, but only action of the pill.

In Fact:

Here it is hardly possible to find anything artificial. Viagra will only work when it’s time for amorous foreplay. Kisses, tenderness with partner, there is nothing unreal can be in this. And erection will come in completely natural way. Viagra will only provide strong inflow of blood to penis if there is object of sexual excitement. And this contributes to a long and persistent erection.

myths and facts about viagra


With doctor it is difficult to discuss problems with erection. And doctor himself is not likely to talk about such a delicate topic.

In Fact:

Erectile dysfunction is the same illness as any other. This is a deviation that can be cured. Therefore, to be skeptical about doctors in this is not worth it. The doctor will take violations of sexual function completely normal and will do anything to help you. Physicians have helped millions of men with these disorders. They will help you, too, if you are not so modest. You cannot remain silent and suffer from the fact that your health and quality of life are far from perfect. Any deviation can be cured if you want it.


Viagra can only be taken by elderly men. Young people should not take it, even if there are abnormalities of erectile function.

In Fact:

According to mycanadianpharmacy information, Viagra can be taken at the age of 18 if there are problems with erection. Category of men who have such a disease is in the age range from 25 to 40 years. Almost half of them are 40 years and more. But in present life, full of stresses and worries, age threshold becomes more and more young.

My Canadian Pharmacy: Antiviral Agents

Canadian Pharmacy antiviral agents are increasingly prescribed by doctors under certain conditions and are used in home practice for self-treatment by people. What kind of preparations are these, are they effective and harmless, whether or not to use them? Maybe it is better to return to traditional home remedies – garlic, onions, lemon, milk and honey? After all, they are long used to effectively treat «colds», infectious and viral diseases, accompanied by decrease in immunity?

Mechanism of Antivirals Action

Antiviral drugs are isolated from anti-infective medicines in a separate group. This is done due to the fact that no other antibacterial agents (including known antibiotics) are able to provide effective influence on virus growth. This invulnerability of viruses is connected to their small and special structure. For instance, try to compare, say, size of our planet and apple. So, planet in our example is a medium-sized germ, and apple – a virus.

canadian pharmacy antivirals

Viruses consist of nucleic acids – sources of information for self-reproduction, and surrounding them capsules. In the body of «master» they can, under favorable conditions, multiply very quickly, including by means of «embedding» of their information in patient’s body cells, which themselves begin to recreate these pathogenic form. Traditional defenses of human immunity (blood cells) are often powerless before them. According to My Canadian Pharmacy data, the number of pathogenic viruses found is more than 500.

The first drug with antiviral properties was obtained in far 1946, it was named thiosemicarbazone. As main component, it was a part of Faringosept, and for many years has been used in clinical medicine to fight inflammatory diseases of throat. Then idoxuridine was created, which is used against herpes virus.

Note: break trough in virology was finding of human interferon – protein that suppresses vital activity of viruses.

Since beginning of 80s of the last century active work on creation of drugs that stimulate ability of interferon synthesis began. Scientific work continues in our time. Unfortunately, antiviral drugs cost is quite high. Alas, on pharmaceutical market today, there is a large number of fakes – drugs that do not have protective or stimulating properties, in fact, «dummy pills».

Types of Antivirals

All available antiviral drugs can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. immunostimulants – drugs that can for a short time dramatically increase production of interferons.
  2. antivirals – medicines that have direct inhibitory effect on virus and block its reproduction.

According to action on different types of viruses there distinguish:

  • antiviral drugs with effect on influenza viruses;
  • drugs against herpes virus;
  • agents that inhibit activity of retroviruses;
  • anti-cytomegalovirals.

Note: You can individually select a group of drugs for HIV treatment (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

Diagnosis – «High Cholesterol»

High cholesterol clogs blood vessels and is able to cause heart attack or blood stroke. So the sooner you will know how to control level of this substance, the better.

Why cardiologists recommend to all without exception to monitor cholesterol level? Man is mortal and, as Woland said, sometimes he is suddenly mortal. The leadership among diseases in «death» discipline is held by cardiovascular diseases and the most powerful of them – myocardial infarction. If you do not know mechanics of the latter, My Canadian Pharmacy informs: due to cholesterol plaques, lumen of blood vessels, that feed heart, narrows – and there blood clot easily «settles» which stops blood flow to myocardium (heart muscle). The larger volume remained without nutrition, the less chance of survival there are.

cholesterol level and how to control it

And now about the good. About cholesterol. After all, in this world there is almost no pure «evil». The subject of our conversation by nature intended to be a building material of our organism. Cell membranes in the body are made of cholesterol, it is the basis of almost all hormones. So it is important to us and helpful – as long as its content in the body is balanced. But in some cases, this substance becomes a murderer, so let’s find out how to «disarm» it.

Bad and Good Cholesterol

Not so much quantity of the substance in the blood is important as ratio of its «good» and «bad» emanations. «Bad» cholesterol is called substance of low and very low density. If you undergone biochemical analysis of blood, in the form with results it will be referred to as acronym VLDL and LDL (very low-density lipoprotein and low-density lipoprotein). These 2 types of cholesterol can be deposited on walls of arteries.

«Good» is their opponent. Its task is to collect excess bad cholesterol in the body, and send it to liver for re-melting. In analyzes it is referred to as HDL (high density lipoprotein).

The conclusion is clear: the more «good» in blood, the purer vessels are and longer life is. Doctors called excess HDL «longevity syndrome». This happens, for example, with mountain peoples of Caucasus: simply because of their hereditary liver produces so much high-density lipoprotein that they die in their old age and almost healthy.

Causes of High Cholesterol

Perhaps you’ve heard that we should eat properly to maintain balance of cholesterol in blood: less animal fat, no fat and butter, more plant food – and the trick is done. In fact, 80% of material produced in liver and only 20% comes from food.

Synthesis of cholesterol in liver is affected by many factors, as My Canadian Pharmacy experts say. First of all – health of the body, plus hereditary factor, stress and human ability to cope with it, thyroid condition.

If you drink, smoke, breathe impure air of cities (destroying liver) plus working hard – then even if heredity is perfect excess «bad» cholesterol can be observed in blood. Conversely, at healthy eating, sports achievements and staying in Bali, bad genetics can ruin the whole picture.

What to Do with Cholesterol

Cholesterol does not need to be treated with medications, and even more so surgically, if it narrows vessel lumen by less than 60%. In this case, the main task is to prevent spread. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Fatty, salty, sweet foods, fried potatoes with bacon – all terribly unhealthy is banned. Especially important to limit fats of animal origin.
  • Do not fall into fanaticism: completely fat-free products are not less evil for metabolism than pure fat.
  • Do not believe those who say that you should eliminate from your life meat to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Fish for help! It is this product that gives us wonderful opportunity to raise level of «good» cholesterol in blood.
  • It is believed that in fight against cholesterol – seafood is useful. As it turns out, not all seafood: loricates – prohibited, shelly – allowed.
  • Go in for sports.
  • For the sake of liver health, of course, you should not drink and smoke.

Serious Treatment

If plaques cover vessels by 60% or more, it is time to reflect on serious treatment. To date, there are 2 main methods: drugs for cholesterol (statins) and stenting.

Statins reduce production of «bad» cholesterol in liver, which allows to stop formation of plaques and seal them, improving blood flow.

cholesterol control with My Canadian Pharmacy

Stenting is a surgical manipulation. A stent is a plastic tube with metal frame, which is installed in a vessel. This is done in a tricky way: through a puncture in femoral artery. From there, folded stent is inserted into small balloon, «pushed» to any trouble area. On the spot in blocked artery, the balloon is inflated, stent is inserted into it straightens and flattens cholesterol plaques. Since then, patient lives with a kind of prosthesis, to prop up vascular wall. More recently there were invented stents that dissolve over time.

Naturally, any statin or stenting alone are not prescribed independently: such treatment is preceded by a variety of medical examinations and detailed analysis of situation.